YG Entertainment confirms Ahyeon’s return to BABYMONSTER
YG Entertainment confirms Ahyeon’s return to BABYMONSTER
YG Entertainment confirms Ahyeon’s return to BABYMONSTER
by Daylight Abas25 January 2024
Photo courtesy: BABYMONSTER

OT7, it is. Welcome back, Ahyeon!

YG Entertainment confirmed on Thursday that Ahyeon has shown improvement in her health and is now returning to join BABYMONSTER, after the announcement last November about her decision to step out of the group.

Through a YouTube video, Yang Hyun Suk made the surprise announcement, revealing Ahyeon’s comeback to the group and sharing that the latter will take part in BABYMONSTER’s upcoming comeback for its first mini album.

“Fortunately, Ahyeon has fully recovered her health. And as of today, Ahyeon is back at YG,” he delightedly announced.

“She is currently recording songs for the album. I wanted to share the joyful news with you as soon as possible,” YG Entertainment’s founder continued.

He also mentioned that the group will re-record its debut track, "Batter Up", including Ahyeon, as well as its upcoming pre-release single, “Stuck in the Middle."

Moreover, YG has also released BABYMONSTER’s pre-release single teaser for “Stuck in the Middle," which will be completely out on February 1.

According to Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment has already set plans to release BABYMONSTER’s full-length album this coming autumn.

As such, fans were excited to see BABYMONSTER’s first-ever comeback as complete members.

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