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Xyriel Manabat, Andrea Brillantes open for GL series
Xyriel Manabat, Andrea Brillantes open for GL series
Xyriel Manabat, Andrea Brillantes open for GL series
by Daylight Abas11 January 2024

Xyriel Manabat and Andrea Brillantes have no problem working together in a girls’ love (GL) series, as the two said on Tuesday that they are open to it.

When asked about being comfortable working with a girl for a show, Manabat explained that she would be fine with that, adding that it might be her first on-screen kissing scene.

She admitted that she prefers being paired up with a female artist, as there will be no awkwardness, less hassle, and less issue.

The senior high star said that working in a GL series would be fulfilling since it is an experience, revealing that she has teased her fellow star, Brillantes, about being in a GL series.

On the other hand, Brillantes then confirmed that she also wants to try a girls’ love series, emphasizing that it is time to have more shows about lesbian love.

She said that she would be comfortable, particularly doing the scene, and praised Manabat for her outstanding and amazing acting.

Manabat and Brillantes were known for the quality of their acting skills since they were kids.

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