What can hand-gathering 100M kilograms of discarded plastic achieve?
What can hand-gathering 100M kilograms of discarded plastic achieve?
What can hand-gathering 100M kilograms of discarded plastic achieve?
by DZRH News23 October 2023

In the face of mounting challenges around plastic pollution and poverty, there emerges a story of hope andtransformation. Imagine over 100 million kilograms of discarded plastic a staggering 220 million pounds, equivalent to a mind-boggling 5 billion 500ml bottles being prevented from polluting our precious environment.

“This isn’t just a dream; it’s a remarkable achievement of our recycling communities who gathered each piece by hand, carving their own paths out of poverty with it,” announced David Katz, the visionary Founder and Chairman of Plastic Bank.

Picture this: It’s October 23, 2023, and David Katz takes the stage at Sustainable Brands Madrid. He’s not here to deliver your typical corporate speech; he’s here to challenge the distant promises of becoming sustainable and share a rallying cry for change. Katz passionately emphasizes that the time for sustainability alone has passed. What we need now is regeneration, a radical shift in how businesses approach their environmental and social responsibilities.

“We stand at a crossroads,” Katz declares, his voice echoing with urgency. “We can either continue down the path ofconsumerism, or we can embark on a profound journey of regeneration.” He believes that businesses hold the key tohealing our planet and uplifting communities in need.


Since its inception, Plastic Bank’s Social Recycling movement has spread like wildfire, igniting the spirits of more than 550communities across Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

In the Philippines, Plastic Bank has over 230 recyclingcommunities across 8 provinces that contributed more than 25% percent collection to the 100 million kilograms milestone. Out of the 40,000+ collection members, 47% are from the vulnerable coastal areas of the Philippine archipelagoare not only cleaning up their environment but also transcending poverty by exchanging discarded plastic for secureincome and life-improving benefits.

“The milestone achieved isn’t just about plastic; it’s about what humanity can accomplish when united by a common purpose,” Katz proudly proclaims, crediting the recycling communities, partners, individuals and Plastic Bankers who made it possible.

“We’re inviting the world to join us in rewriting our planet’s destiny, in creating a world where every transaction empowers us to regenerate resources, rejuvenate the environment, and liberate recycling communities from the grip of poverty.”


This isn’t another call to action; it’s an invitation to gather together and lead the shift towards a wasteless world; a world without plastic pollution and poverty.

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