WATCH: Sofía Vergara transforms in new Netflix series ‘Griselda’
WATCH: Sofía Vergara transforms in new Netflix series ‘Griselda’
WATCH: Sofía Vergara transforms in new Netflix series ‘Griselda’
by Ada Pelonia01 December 2023
Screengrab from Netflix

Prepare yourself for never-before-seen Sofía Vergara in the upcoming Netflix series “Griselda,” where she channels a woman who wears many hats—queenpin, innovator, mother, and killer.

Netflix dropped the official trailer of “Griselda” on Thursday, Nov. 30, where veteran comedian Sofía Vergara transforms into La Jefa (“The Boss”) of narcotics in the hustle and bustle scenery of ‘70s and ‘80s Miami.

“She is a force of nature and there is no doubt in my mind that whatever she sets her mind to she can accomplish,” showrunner Eric Newman told Netflix.

“She was perfect for the role not only because she, like Griselda, is a single mother who came to America from Colombia with nothing and built an empire, but because it was unexpected of her to do. Sofia has been thought of one way, a beautiful and brilliant comedic actress, and she is so much more than that,” he added.

Inspired by the Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco, “Griselda” follows a single mother who “created one of the most profitable cartels in history.”

“Griselda is a rise-and-fall story like none we have ever seen before. It’s thrilling, emotional, funny, scary, and tragic. Griselda is an antihero of the highest order and a series of contradictions at odds with herself,” Newman said.

The Netflix series will premiere on the streaming behemoth on January 25.

Watch the official trailer below.

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