WATCH: BABYMONSTER finally debuts with digital single 'BATTER UP'
WATCH: BABYMONSTER finally debuts with  digital single 'BATTER UP'
WATCH: BABYMONSTER finally debuts with digital single 'BATTER UP'
by Daylight Abas27 November 2023

YG Entertainment’s newest K-pop girl group, Babymonster, has finally released its digital single ‘BATTER UP,’ which also served as the debut that fans have been highly anticipating as soon as the members were announced to be part of the next girl group after BLACKPINK.

With members Rami, formerly Haram, and Rora from South Korea, Ruka and Asa from Japan, and Pharita and Chiquita from Thailand, Babymonster have proven their inner monster in this generation of K-pop as they flaunt their charisma and swag on the hip-hop-heavy song.

In December 2022, the members of Babymonster were introduced by participating in an online survival show, which already established the group’s name and gained popularity for the unique talents each member had shown.

After a thorough evaluation, YG has decided to include all seven members and have them debut together.

However, one member, Ahyeon, was reportedly not joining the group's debut due to health reasons.

She has left a huge factor, which the fans have waited for since she has proven to be the “ace” of the group.

As of writing, the group’s music video had already garnered 14 million views and topped the iTunes charts in 14 countries.

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