VIXX’s Hyuk to enlist in military on April 18
VIXX’s Hyuk to enlist in military on April 18
VIXX’s Hyuk to enlist in military on April 18
by Ada Pelonia22 March 2024
Photo courtesy of @hsh0705/Instagram

VIXX’s Hyuk is set to begin his military enlistment on April 18, his agency announced Thursday, March 21.

According to Companion Company, Hyuk will enlist in the recruit training center on April 18.

“Hyuk will return after dutifully [completing] his alternative service. Please show lots of support and encouragement for Hyuk until the day he returns after wrapping up his military service,” the company’s statement read (translated via Soompi).

Meanwhile, VIXX’s youngest member also shared a letter for Starlights (the group’s official fandom name) following the announcement.


“I will be enlisting on April 18 to fulfill my military service. You all must have been very shocked,” he wrote. “I was flustered because I think you all came across the information suddenly through a news article, and I felt saddened that our Starlights were probably more upset and shocked.”

Hyuk maintained that he would use the remaining time before his enlistment to share “good memories” with his fans despite expressing his disappointment over his previous fan concert.

“Until the fan concert, I wanted to maximize the heart-fluttering and happy moments while talking about the concert together, but I’m upset because I don’t think I was able to do so,” he wrote.

“However, we still have the Home party, and we still have some time left, so let’s make lots of good memories before I leave,” he continued.


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