Viral grandma of TikTok creator Chris Punsalan passes away
Viral grandma of TikTok creator Chris Punsalan passes away
Viral grandma of TikTok creator Chris Punsalan passes away
by Christhel Cuazon30 January 2024
Photo courtesy: Chris Punsalan Facebook page

The grandmother of TikTok content creator Chris Punsalan has passed away on Monday at the age of 97.

The sad news was confirmed by Punsalan himself in a Facebook post wherein he also shared photos of him and his grandmother, Anicia Santos Manipon.

"my heart is broken. grandma fought so hard and lived such a fruitful life. i’m relieved that she can finally rest and she’s in better hands than we could’ve ever provided. i love you forever grandma," he wrote.


The grandson-grandmother tandem became an internet sensation on social media platform TikTok after Chris shared glimpses of their lives as a full-time caregiver to his 97-year-old grandma.

During one of his Question & Answer video on TikTok, Chris revealed that he became his grandma's personal caregiver seven years ago when he had just graduated college at the age of 22. Not wanting to send his grandmother to assited living, he volunteered to be her full-time caregiver and assist her with everything.

Punsalan further shared that he helps his grandmother with pretty much everything as his grandmother has both arthritis and osteoporosis, she needs help getting in and out of bed, with meals, her daily washcloth baths and her full Friday showers. Their videos feature everything from their conversations to the grandma’s birthday video.

His TikTok account now has over 2.4 million followings with 73.9 million likes.


Punsalan also has a collective of designer pins called the Chooseday collective, which is named after the way his grandmother pronounces Tuesday.

Following the sad news, Punsalan and their family received an outpour of condolences from their followers.

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