X to introduce video, audio calls feature
X to introduce video, audio calls feature
X to introduce video, audio calls feature
by Ellicia Del Mundo03 September 2023
Photo courtesy: FORBES website

Another new feature is about to be introduced in X, formerly known as Twitter, as announced recently by its chief executive officer (CEO) Elon Musk.

In his Twitter post last Thursday, August 31, Musk announced that users can soon call one another, whether through the means of video or audio.

The X CEO and billionaire said the new feature will work on all forms of devices, including iOS, Android, Mac, and computer.

He added that users would not be required to give phone numbers when calling others.


“X is the effective global address book. That set of factors is unique,” Musk said.

Aside from this, the X CEO also hinted that they are working on adding an option where users can give their email address to the content creator they have subscribed to.

“It’s vital that creators be able to leave our platform at any time and take their subscribers with them. We want to give peace of mind to creators that they’re not trapped here if they build a large audience,” Musk sad in a Twitter post on Saturday, September 2.

The launching of the new features have yet to be disclosed.


Several changes in X have been made since Musk bought X or Twitter in October last year.

The first major change he presented was the Twitter Blue paywall, a feature that allows users to have verified account status or blue check in their names for $20 USD per month

Musk also imposed a limit on the number of tweets that a user can view per day, and restricted the Tweet deck to Twitter Blue paywall subscribers only.

The social media platform then rebranded into X just last July this year.

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