Leachon warns possible diseases caused by vitamin C IV drip
Leachon warns possible diseases caused by vitamin C IV drip
Leachon warns possible diseases caused by vitamin C IV drip
by Ellicia Del Mundo27 February 2024

Public Health Expert Tony Leachon on Tuesday, February 27, warned the public of the diseases caused by vitamin C intravenous (IV) drip use.

In an interview on DZRH Damdaming Bayan, Leachon mentioned that a person receiving this drip might suffer from kidney stones, hepatitis B or C, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and other diseases.

"Ang intravenous vitamin C, pag sumobra ay pwede kang ma-dialysis dahil magpo-form ka ng kidney stones. Itong mga ginagawa nila sa parlor, spa, bahay, naka-swero pa, delikado ito dahil maraming pwedeng mangyari in the absence of a medical professional. Pwedeng mag-overload nito at pumunta ang tubig sa baga. Pwedeng magkaroon ng allergic reactions, pwedeng magka-HIV kung ang needles ay marumi. Pwedeng Hepatitis B or C," he said.

According to the public health expert, vitamin C IV drip should be prohibited as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health (DOH) have yet to conduct clinical trials to prove that these are effective for skin whitening.


Leachon also warned against the purchase and use of vitamin C products that have no FDA label.

He then urged the public to refrain from receiving such drip and embrace instead one's original color.

"'Wag gagamit ng glutathione kung gusto magpaputi kasi kayumanggi talaga tayo. Mas protected tayo kung kayumanggi ang color because of the skin cancer. Mas common sa mapuputi o Caucasian," he said.

""Wag natin akalain na kung maputi tayo, maganda tayo. This is nothing about vanity. Sa akin, siguro dapat ang tingin natin sa kagandahan ay hindi skin deep," the public health expert added.


Leachon also calls on the DOH and FDA to issue an advisory telling the public to take necessary precautions against vitamin C IV drip.

TV host and actress Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla received backlash last week for flexing on social media her Vitamin C drip session inside her husband's office in Senate.

Senator Robinhood 'Robin' Padilla had already apologized to the Senate sergeant-at-arms and medical bureau in separate letters, stressing that his wife had no intention of disregarding the existing rules and disrespecting the institution itself.

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