Taylor Swift is TIME magazine's Person of the Year
Taylor Swift is TIME magazine's Person of the Year
Taylor Swift is TIME magazine's Person of the Year
by Ellicia Del Mundo07 December 2023
Photo courtesy: TIME magazine / Facebook page

“What's a girl gonna do? A diamond's gotta shine!”

American pop superstar Taylor Swift definitely shines as she was chosen as TIME magazine’s Person of the Year, becoming the first person who was recognized for her immense success in her field.

On Thursday, Dec. 7, the prestigious American news magazine revealed Taylor as its chosen personality for this year by dropping three various cover photos of her.

“Taylor Swift is TIME's 2023 Person of the Year” it captioned in a Facebook post.

In one of three cover photos, Taylor was clad black bodysuit paired with black stockings while holding her cat, Benjamin Button Swift, on her shoulders.

The remaining photos showed the 33-year-old pop star looking fierce in a sequenced gray top and mustard and denim jackets.

According to TIME, the editors chose the Person of the Year based on their "assessment of the individual who most shaped the headlines over the previous 12 months, for better or for worse.”

The news magazine admitted that the featured personalities over the past years has “typically been ruler over traditional domains of power”.

“He—and yes, usually it has been a “he”—is very often a politician or a titan of industry,” it said, adding that it had recognized 14 US Presidents, 5 Russian leaders, and 3 Popes.

But this 2023, TIME acknowledged that it was Taylor who “found a way to transcend borders and be a source of light” in a divided world.

“While her popularity has grown across the decades, this is the year that Swift, 33, achieved a kind of nuclear fusion: shooting art and commerce together to release an energy of historic force. She did it by embracing what she does better than anyone, entertaining and writing songs that connect with people,” the news magazine said.

It remarked that Taylor is the “first Person of the Year to be recognized for her success in the arts, in a year when we were reawakened to questions about who makes and who owns our cultural expressions.”

TIME also regarded the American pop superstar as “symbol of generational change."

Based in New York, Time has been delivering current affairs, politics, business, health, science and entertainment news across the globe since its creation in 1923.

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