Taguig welcomes Makati's recognition of SC's decision
Taguig welcomes Makati's recognition of SC's decision
Taguig welcomes Makati's recognition of SC's decision
by Mhillen Nicole Borja20 July 2023
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The City of Taguig has expressed its appreciation for Mayor Abby Binay's clear declaration that Makati City will honor the Supreme Court's final and executory decision, which affirms that Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation, along with the disputed 10 barangays, rightfully belongs to Taguig.

Mayor Binay's concession speech, shared on Facebook long after the Supreme Court issued the Entry of Judgment, is seen by Taguig as a positive step towards a seamless transfer of administration.

"The concession speech in a video posted on Facebook, made long after the Supreme Court had issued the Entry of Judgment putting a definitive end to the two-decade case, should now pave the way for a smooth transfer of administration which the City of Taguig intends to be done without disruption in public services," stated the local government unit.


Taguig also highlighted that Mayor Binay's acknowledgment of the court's decision reflects her commitment to the well-being of her constituents.

"City of Taguig is prepared to take on the responsibility of governing the 10 barangays with the same fervent commitment and solicitude that we have done with our 28 barangays," the statement added.

While Taguig acknowledges Mayor Binay's concerns regarding the transfer of administration and its potential impact on the residents of the 10 barangays, the city government maintains that the issues raised in her statement are ultimately irrelevant and may hinder a smooth transition.

"The nobility of the concession speech is severely dented by the uncharitable and unfounded remark that the City of Taguig is either incapable of promoting the welfare of the new Taguig residents or else is being untruthful as to its intentions," the statement addressed.


Meanwhile, Taguig reassured the residents of the 10 barangays that they will be considered valued members of the City and will undoubtedly be eligible to benefit from its education programs.

"We assure our new residents that they would be cared for as residents of the City and undoubtedly eligible to avail of its education programs," the statement continued.

"Without such honest-to-goodness active cooperation, the welfare of the residents of the 10 barangays that Makati avows is its priority would suffer. We must match with correct actions our lofty words that “their welfare is our priority”, "they ended.

Last April, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of a court stating that Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation, which includes the Bonifacio Global City Complex (BGC), belongs to Taguig City, effectively ending the long-standing land dispute.


In June, the local government of Taguig City filed a motion that asks the Supreme Court (SC) to investigate “false and troubling claims” made by Makati City Mayor Abby Binay regarding the Makati-Taguig territorial dispute.

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