SWS: 75% Filipinos are competent in Filipino language
SWS: 75% Filipinos are competent in Filipino language
SWS: 75% Filipinos are competent in Filipino language
by Mhillen Nicole Borja16 August 2023

At least 75% of adult Filipinos possess proficiency in the Filipino language, while 47% exhibit competence in the English language, the most recent survey conducted by the Social Weather Station unveiled.

In the month of March, the study revealed that 96% of Filipinos engage with written Filipino, 93% understand spoken Filipino, 93% can write in the language, 87% can converse fluently, and 75% even think in Filipino.

Concurrently, the usage of the Filipino language has reached its pinnacle since September 2000, with 53% using it extensively, 29% employing it fairly, 15% using it partially, and only 4% using it minimally.


On the other hand, the data demonstrates that 80% of Filipinos can comprehend spoken English, while the same percentage can read in English.

Furthermore, 69% can write in English, 55% are comfortable conversing in English, and 47% possess the ability to think in the language.

The interviews were conducted in person with a sample of 1,200 adults aged 18 years and above, and the survey holds a margin of error of approximately ±2.8%.

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