REVIEW: 'My SHINee World' film embraces fans with nostalgia for 15th anniversary
REVIEW: 'My SHINee World' film embraces fans with nostalgia for 15th anniversary
REVIEW: 'My SHINee World' film embraces fans with nostalgia for 15th anniversary
by Ada Pelonia18 November 2023
Photo by Ariane Pelonia

SHINee’s back to celebrate their 15th anniversary through a documentary movie, welcoming Filo-Shawols to a rollercoaster of emotions as they lead them on a journey down memory lane of historic feats and nagging worries.

On November 5, CDM Entertainment unveiled the official poster for “My SHINee World” to premiere in Philippine theaters from November 17 to 19. The concert film features exclusive interviews, never-before-seen footage, and bonus concert clips from backstage.

During its premiere night, an event titled “Pearl Aqua Carpet Night” graces fans in the lobby of SM Megamall ornate with green balloons and metallic fringe curtain, providing a loot bag of photocards of each member and a movie poster together with access to the SHINee photo booth and photo wall.

Fans taking turns posing by poster display stands of SHINee members during “Pearl Aqua Carpet Night” on November 17 at SM Megamall. Photo by Ada Pelonia.

It’s throwback time

The concert film begins with SHINee’s debut hit song, “Replay” from 2008 before the screen fades to Taemin, Key, and Minho in the present time as they enter a room filled with posters, albums, and official merchandise from way back.

Each member exchanges stories that lead to the question of their respective driving forces that have bolstered their years-long career. Performing in concerts, hearing their fans’ chants, reaching breakthroughs in the music industry, and living for small things motivated them.

The camera pans to their poster as SHINee flashes to the screen in one of their concerts, performing “Juliette,” the iconic “Ring Ding Dong,” “Lucifer,” and “Sherlock (Clue + Note),” offering a surge of nostalgic memories.

The film fast forwards to the present time once more, where the members reminisce about the days when their shoes wore out from moving back and forth from their dorm to the company, and fans were yet to have a light stick during their early days, so Shawols opted to use balloons for cheers, and the topic of niggling anxiety ensues.

On constant worries

When the talk of enlistment starts, Key says his military years didn’t feel lonely because he shared those times with Minho, who enlisted alongside him, adding that he couldn’t imagine how Taemin must have felt going in alone.

The youngest member shares his worries about debuting at a young age, saying that a sudden pause in his career following his enlistment has created a barrier as he asks: “How will I live as Taemin and not as a singer?” Key then seconds the thought, expressing worries about his career possibly going a hundred-eighty-degree turn after his discharge from military service.

But Taemin explains how their worries have been on the extreme end during military and abated when they saw Shawols’ welcoming embrace after the group’s comeback.

A peek into fans’ world

In between clips from concerts and performances of songs from every album, it is later revealed that a Shawol owns the room that Taemin, Key, and Minho entered.

From the beginning, a girl is shown listening to SHINee’s songs while revising TOEIC reviewers. For the latter part of the concert film, the girl emerges wearing what seems like office attire while looking back into her SHINee merchandise compiled in a box—echoing a stark reality for fans who have grown alongside their idols.

Celebrating a 15th anniversary as idols amid hardships and worries in a fast-paced industry is a challenging feat in itself, but more so for fans who have been there every step of the way.

Regardless of whether they’ve been there since day one or popped throughout their comebacks, fans have spent days of sheer admiration and offered relentless support to make their idols feel the same degree of comfort they bring through the screens.

SHINee’s “My SHINee World” documentary film is a warm embrace for Shawols, who shared joys, cries, and grief with them—a reminder that for the past 15 years since their debut, fans have their back and vice versa. It offers a level of solace and a nostalgic link tethered with trust.

The South Korean boy group recently had their concert SHINee WORLD VI [Perfect Illumination] in June to kickstart their comeback with “Hard.”

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