Decision to move school break must be 'data-based,' - Romulo
Decision to move school break must be 'data-based,' - Romulo
Decision to move school break must be 'data-based,' - Romulo
by Daylight Abas25 April 2023
Photo courtesy: Business World Online

Pasig Representative Roman Romulo said on Tuesday that changes to the academic calendar should be based more on data and expert opinions than "knee-jerk reactions."

Romulo told reporters that the government's decision regarding the school calendar must rely on what is "best for the health and the continuity of the students' learning."

Before taking any action, the senator said, the administration should consider poll data as well as the opinions of students and teachers.

According to a recent poll conducted by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), 82 percent of their student respondents had "temperature-sensitive ailments." The group previously advocated for the resumption of blended learning after receiving complaints from certain teachers and students due to the hot weather.


Romulo stated that if the summer vacation is moved back to March, "some adjustments will have to be made."

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. had stated that his administration was looking into the possibilities of restoring the summer break to April and May.

However, Marcos Jr. stated that pandemic and climate aspects must be considered before making a decision.

Prior to 2020, summer vacation in Philippine schools occurred throughout the dry months of March, April, and May.


However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the vacation was changed to June and July, and the start of classes was pushed back to August.

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