QCPD sues MANIBELA over rally
QCPD sues MANIBELA over rally
QCPD sues MANIBELA over rally
by Jim Fernandez16 June 2024
MANIBELA protest on Independence Day. Photo courtesy of MANIBELA's Facebook page

The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has lodged complaints against MANIBELA's leaders after the transport group staged a three-day rally beginning on June 10.

Samahang Manibela Mananakay at Nagkaisang Terminal ng Transportasyon Chairperson Mar Valbuena and the group's Bulacan/San Fernando, Pampanga President Regie Manlapig were charged with cases of Alarm and Scandal, Resistance and Disobedience, and the violation of the Public Assembly Act.

“Kahapon, Hunyo 14, 2024, isinampa na ang mga kasong paglabag sa B.P. 880 [Public Assembly Act of 1985], Article 155 ng Revised Penal Code [Alarm and Scandal], at Article 151 ng RPC [Resistance and Disobedience] laban kina Valbuena at Manlapig sa Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office,” the QCPD said.

(Yesterday, on June 14, 2024, the violation of B.P. 880 (Public Assembly Act of 1985), Article 155 of the Revised Penal Code (Alarm and Scandal), and Article 151 of the same (Resistance and Disobedience) have been filed against both Valbuena and Manlapig at the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office)


Based on QCPD's report, the protesters did not possess a permit to hold a rally. Police had also sought to discuss the matter with MANIBELA, but the group said they would not cooperate.

In addition, DZRH reporter Val Gonzales will sue members of the transport group who had allegedly punched him as he was reporting on the rally on Monday, June 10.

The QCPD also filed similar complaints against MANIBELA for a previous transport strike in April.

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