Pledis' newest K-pop boy group 'TWS' debuts with youthful music
Pledis' newest K-pop boy group 'TWS' debuts with youthful music
Pledis' newest K-pop boy group 'TWS' debuts with youthful music
by Daylight Abas23 January 2024
Photo courtesy: Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment has launched its newest K-pop boy group, TWS, almost nine years after introducing Seventeen, which massively dominated the Hallyu scene today.

The group’s name is pronounced as "two-us". It is short for “Twenty-Four Seven With Us", which expresses the six members' commitment to offer great music to their listeners around the clock.

TWS labeled its music’s brand as "boyhood pop”, and group member Jihoon said that it is derived from the moments of their daily lives that are in need of being cherished, having a fantastical element genre that TWS attempts to capture the moments of their boyhood.

The boy group aims to portray youthfulness naturally, hoping to bring positive energy with their catchy tunes and sparkling vibes, with Jihoon saying that they promise to provide the best music to the people and make them fall in love with them.

Meanwhile, TWS released its five-track extended play “Sparkling Blue” with its title track “Plot Twist,” which talks about the feeling during a first encounter and dropped a high school-themed music video for their debut song.

Being the newest group after their "sunbaes” Seventeen, TWS felt grateful and, at the same time, had a sense of responsibility that motivated them to work harder, as they also wanted to turn into a strong team for Pledis Entertainment.

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