Pinoys react to Miss Universe top 5 announcement “mistake”
Pinoys react to Miss Universe top 5 announcement “mistake”
Pinoys react to Miss Universe top 5 announcement “mistake”
by Daylight Abas20 November 2023

The show may be over but Filipino pageant fans are still on fire with questions following the mistaken list that floated around social media, showing Philippines' bet Michelle Dee's supposed inclusion in the Top 5 of the 72nd Miss Universe.

In a screenshot taken by the Pinoy avid fans, it showed that the Instagram story posted by Miss Universe El Salvador probably made a “mistake” and uploaded the top five list where Dee was part of it, then took it down after 10 minutes and changed it, replacing Dee with Thailand's Anntonia Porsild.

The said postdrew various reactions from Filpino avid fans, making assumptions that the Miss Universe pageant might have become a “cooking show” and the previous post could have been the correct one.

Some also shared their assumptions that Dee was robbed, as she deserved to be in the top five spot and could have held the microphone to show her beauty and wit for the question-and-answer portion, which proved that she is deserving of the Miss Universe crown.

On the social platform X, users expressed their disbelief, saying that Dee’s performance was spectacular from the preliminary until the coronation night, adding to the stunning gown she wore that paid homage to the legendary tattoo artist Apo Whang Od.

Despite not making it to the top five, Filipinos are still proud of Dee, as she goes down in history as one of the fiercest and most creative representatives of the Philippines on the Miss Universe stage.

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