PH, US set to start joint WPS patrols by yearend
PH, US set to start joint WPS patrols by yearend
PH, US set to start joint WPS patrols by yearend
by Daylight Abas10 August 2023
Photo courtesy: REUTERS / Eloisa Lopez

National Security Council assistant director and National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea (WPS) spokesperson Jonathan Malaya said that the discussion between the Philippines and the United States on the joint sails in the WPS is now in the advanced stages and is expected to start by the end of the year.

The joint maritime patrols are expected to assist in promoting freedom of navigation in the WPS and South China Sea and prevent the recent incident.

It is recalled that a supply boat commissioned by the Philippine Navy and escorted by a Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) vessel was harassed by the China Coast Guard (CCG).

The said mission to Ayungin Shoal, where soldiers are stationed at the BRP Sierra Madre, failed after the CCG vessel fired a water cannon to drive away the resupply boat.


According to Malaya, some details are still being ironed out between both sides, and they are very hopeful that it will be launched before the year ends.

He added that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. called a command conference on Monday to tackle the water cannon attack, and the government has a menu of options on what it can do moving forward.

Nevertheless, Malaya assured that National Security Adviser Eduardo Ao has emphasized that they will never abandon Ayungin Shoal.

With China’s claims about the Philippines’ promise to remove the grounded BRP Sierra Madre from Ayungin Shoal, Malaya clarified that there has been no record of such a promise or agreement and challenged China to provide proof.


Malaya even stressed that they have been wondering about China’s basis for their statement from the Chinese embassy as there was no such commitment made, and if one has been made, China should identify who promised them as it might not be a government official.

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