PCG secures 2024 Balikatan
PCG secures 2024 Balikatan
PCG secures 2024 Balikatan
by Kristan Carag23 April 2024
Photo from the Armed Forces of the Philippines Facebook page

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) secures the site of the field training exercises for Balikatan 2024.

Rear Admiral Armand Balilo, spokesperson of PCG, said that six vessels will monitor the perimete while the Philippines and the United States conduct their biggest war games as of yet.

"I think four vessels will be deployed in Palawan and two in Northern Luzon," Balilo said in a press briefing.

Balilo, however, refused to identify which vessels will PCG send to Palawan and Northern Luzon.


11,000 troops from the United States, and 5,000 soldiers from the Philippines participate in the 2024 Balikatan exercises that opened on Monday, April 22, and will run until May 10.

Per reports, United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, India, Germany, Japan and New Zealand sent out observers to monitor the three-week long military exercises between the Philippines and the United States.

AFP said that the 2024 Balikatan exercise seeks to 'bolster collaboration and readiness across a spectrum of critical areas including external defense operations, cyber defense, counterterrorism, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, and interagency capacity-building'.

"This robust engagement underscores the enduring partnership between the two nations and their shared commitment to regional security and stability," AFP said.

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