PBBM declares October as Communications Month
PBBM declares October as Communications Month
PBBM declares October as Communications Month
by Daylight Abas06 August 2023
Photo courtesy: Presidential Communications Office

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. proclaimed October to be "Communications Month" every year as this month marks the anniversary of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO).

According to a statement from the Palace, the declaration is a part of the Marcos administration's efforts to acknowledge the "vital role" that media and communication play in involving Filipinos and in enhancing the quality of public conversation on all issues of government.

In order to foster an informed and enlightened population, the President stated that his administration intends to give honest, accurate, and relevant information about policies, priority initiatives, and projects through the right media.

On October 11, the PCO, which is in charge of developing and maintaining a communications system for the executive branch and the Office of the President, marks its first birthday.

The President charged the PCO with leading the annual celebration of Communications Month and determining the events, projects, and activities that would be involved.

In addition, Marcos invited everyone in government, business, and non-governmental groups to participate in and support the PCO's celebration of Communications Month and its anniversary.

Secretary Cheloy Garafil now serves as the PCO's director.

She took over from attorney Trixie Cruz-Angeles in 2022 after the latter resigned from her position due to "medical reasons".

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