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NewJeans’ Hyein takes hiatus following injury
NewJeans’ Hyein takes hiatus following injury
NewJeans’ Hyein takes hiatus following injury
by Ada Pelonia11 April 2024
Photo courtesy of NewJeans/Facebook

NewJeans’ Hyein will temporarily stop activities following her injury during practice, South Korean record label ADOR said on Wednesday, April 10.

“We regret to bring you unfortunate news regarding NewJeans member Hyein. She will be taking a break from her activities due to an injury sustained during practice,” ADOR said in a statement (translated via Soompi).

The record label added that Hyein sustained a microfracture in her foot, leading to the medical staff suggesting a break to limit her movement throughout her recovery.

“Accordingly, Hyein will pause her activities and focus on recovery and recuperation. We will do our very best to support Hyein so she can resume her activities in good health,” ADOR continued.


Hyein’s hiatus comes nearly a month before NewJeans’ comeback with a double single on May 24.

Hyein is a member of the K-pop girl group NewJeans together with Minji, Hanni, Danielle, and Haerin.

They are best known for their hit songs like "Ditto,” “Attention," "Hype Boy," and "OMG."

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