MMC oks reso removing electric, telco 'spaghetti wires'
MMC oks reso removing electric, telco 'spaghetti wires'
MMC oks reso removing electric, telco 'spaghetti wires'
by Mary Antalan19 June 2024

The Metro Manila Council (MMC) on Tuesday approved a resolution urging Metro Manila local government units to enact ordinances that will oversee the installation of telecommunication and electric wires in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

The MMDA Resolution No. 24-16 was granted following the rampant dangling or “spaghetti” wires that clutter the streets and pose risks to the public's safety.

“This long-standing malady needs to be immediately addressed and remedied as a measure of efficient and effective governance for the promotion of the general welfare of the people,” the resolution read.

The resolution was approved during a joint meeting of the MMC and the Regional Development Council at the MMDA headquarters in Pasig.


San Juan City Mayor and MMC President Francis Zamora explained that the purpose of the ordinances should be to identify the cables that need to be disconnected or repaired with the help of Meralco and the telecommunications company.

It is said that the MMC also aims to impose penalties on companies that own poles and lines in case they do not meet the rules set by each local government unit.


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