MIAA removes seats infested by bugs; apologizes to victims
MIAA removes seats infested by bugs; apologizes to victims
MIAA removes seats infested by bugs; apologizes to victims
by Ellicia Del Mundo29 February 2024
Photo courtesy: REUTERS

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) has removed the seats that reportedly got infested by bugs at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 and 2 and ordered enhanced disinfection.

In a press statement on Wednesday, February 28, it was said that the investigation spearheaded by terminal managers confirmed that two passengers were bitten by bugs after they sat in certain seats.

"[They] were given medical assistance by our MIAA medical teams. The seats identified in the reports have been pulled out permanently while disinfection schedules shall continue to be undertaken," MIAA said.

It extended its apologies to the bug victims and assured them of a speedy resolution on the matter.


The bug issue came to light after a Facebook user named Paelo Bunyi Pedrajas shared photos and videos posted by some passengers showing that they experienced itchiness and redness after sitting on steel chairs.

"SUROT INFESTATION ON SEATS AT NAIA T2 and T3! If you are to check FB travel groups, people are posting about it. They are on the steel and rattan chairs at the departure daw," he said.

"And this is alarming because we travel once in a while and we most likely sat on these infested chairs! And most likely we bring these surots with us home!" Pedrajas added.


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