Meta begins blocking news in Canada
Meta begins blocking news in Canada
Meta begins blocking news in Canada
by Mary Antalan02 August 2023
Photo Courtesy: REUTERS

In response to a new rule mandating media firms compensate authors for such information, Meta on Tuesday began blocking Canadians from seeing news on Facebook and Instagram.

According to Google, the Online News Act is considering a similar move as part of an ongoing global debate as more governments attempt to force tech companies to pay for news content.

"News links and content posted by news publishers and broadcasters in Canada will no longer be viewable by people in Canada," Meta said in a statement.

In July, Norway's data protection agency threatened Meta with a $100,000 daily fine for using the personal information of users for targeted advertising.


Users of Facebook and Instagram in Canada won't be allowed to access news articles published on foreign websites, and they won't be able to share them on those two platforms either.

Meta noted that the changes starting Tuesday would be implemented "over the course of the next few weeks."

On Tuesday, an AFP reporter was still able to see news on Facebook, but some users reported already getting messages saying such content was being blocked.

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