MBC Media Group envisions bolder, compelling content creation
MBC Media Group envisions bolder, compelling content creation
MBC Media Group envisions bolder, compelling content creation
by DZRH News13 February 2024

After unveiling its new era, MBC Media Group envisions a landscape with bolder and more compelling ways of delivering content creation in the era of the digital world and technological advancements.

Armed with ITS 6 business units—radio, TV, promotions, talents, events, and digital—that broaden all over the country, MBC Media Group’s revamped website caters to internal and external stakeholders, especially audiences, advertisers, and investors.

Below is a cursory look at the functions of each business unit.

  • MBC Radio

MBC Radio houses six radio networks, DZRH, Love Radio, Yes! FM, Easy Rock, Aksyon Radyo, and Radyo Natin, serve as the ears of millions of Filipinos nationwide.

Each station stands to its own merits, having been multi-awarded in various award-giving bodies in the country and being a trusted partner among major brands.

  • MBC TV

MBC TV touts its 24-hour cable news channel that stays on the 24/7 way of serving news and relevant segments daily.

With award-winning public service programs that provide content around the clock, MBC TV paves the way to endless possibilities of reaching millions of viewers and being etched in the minds of every demographic.

  • MBC Digital

Wishing to maximize brands’ reach and engagement without sweating a brow? MBC Digital offers wide-reaching and active communities that optimize and promote products and services, helping achieve various target goals through its multiple platforms with respective reach.

  • MBC Events

Supported by Asia’s largest radio network and years of network- and client-initiated events curated to engage with an array of differing demographics, MBC Digital promises to set the stage for you.


  • MBC Promos

A partner in boosting sales becomes a necessary conduit toward success. With a range of mediums for promotions—radio and TV promos, social media contests, gamified promos, and raffle draws—MBC Promos makes it easy to reach goals in no time.

Expect going beyond your existing customer base and engaging with audiences faster with MBC Promos that take pride in setting up promos tailor-fit to every client’s needs.

  • MBC Talents

Ever need to amplify your brand? Reach a wider viewership and rank up ROIs? With a wide array of wonderful radio DJs, MBC Talents can easily integrate your brand’s message which would help meet your goals.

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