Maxicare hit with data breach
Maxicare hit with data breach
Maxicare hit with data breach
by Jim Fernandez19 June 2024
A Maxicare branch. Photo courtesy of Maxicare's X page

Health maintenance organization (HMO) Maxicare has experienced a data breach.

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) confirmed the breach on Sunday, June 16, on 12:49 in the afternoon. The Cybersecurity group Deep Web Konek reported that 33 megabytes worth of members' information has been compromised. This information includes members' card numbers, phone numbers, addresses, their history of requested procedures, and so on.

"Last June 13, 2024, Maxicare was informed of a security incident involving an alleged unauthorized access to the personal information of approximately 13,000 members," Maxicare said in a statement released on Wednesday, June 19.

The HMO claimed this 13,000 only represents only 1% of their client base, and that these members had used third-party home service provider Lab@Home, which keeps a database separate from Maxicare's.


While information shared upon booking appointments may have been compromised, "no sensitive medical information was exposed," Maxicare assured.

Should the data breach be verified, Maxicare has preemptively put security measures in place.

The NPC has not revealed any more details with regard to the breach.

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