Marina confirms captain of capsized boat in Laguna has no license
Marina confirms captain of capsized boat in Laguna has no license
Marina confirms captain of capsized boat in Laguna has no license
by Daylight Abas02 August 2023
Photo courtesy: Philippine Coast Guard

The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) confirmed that Donald Anain, the captain of the motor banca Aya Express that capsized, does not have a valid Boat Captain 1 license.

According to Marina's legal service director, Sharon Aledo, investigations indicated that the boat skipper engaged in the accident did not have a valid license based on their records.

She also stated that administrative proceedings will be held in accordance with Marina's rules and regulations.

On July 27, the Aya Express sank in Laguna de Bay at the tail end of Typhoon Egay.


The boat, which only had a seating capacity of 42 but had 70 passengers on board at the time, was on its way to Talim Island when it began to lean to one side and its outrigger broke, claiming the lives of 27 travelers.

Marina met with members of the Talim Island Passenger Motorboat and Patron Association (TIPMOPA) to address the responsibility of Aya Express' insurance provider.

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) called off its search and rescue operations in Laguna de Bay on July 30. Meanwhile, the Rizal Provincial Government has committed to providing financial assistance to the victims' relatives.

Anain, boat owner Rufino Antolin, and PCG Petty Officer 2 Jay Rivera are all facing criminal charges in connection with the sinking of the Aya Express.


The three respondents were charged with reckless imprudence, which resulted in multiple homicides and numerous physical injuries, as well as negligence.

Anain has surrendered and is being held by police.

According to several of the 41 survivors, PCG employees did not inspect the boat before it left for Talim Island.

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