Manila hailed as World’s Leading City Destination for 2023
Manila hailed as World’s Leading City Destination for 2023
Manila hailed as World’s Leading City Destination for 2023
by Ada Pelonia08 December 2023

The City of Manila was hailed as the World's Leading City Destination for 2023 by the World Travel Awards held at Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the first capital city that has won the prize in the country.

The Philippines also received the Global Tourism Resilience Award for its “global leadership, pioneering vision, and innovation to overcome critical challenges and adversity.”

The country also bagged the awards for World’s Leading Dive Destination and World’s Leading Beach Destination.

Department of Tourism (DOT) secretary Christina Frasco expressed joy in the country’s wins, stating that tourism soars to global recognition.

“These accolades are as much a source of Filipino pride as they are a testament to the enormous contribution of tourism to the Philippine economy and global standing," Frasco said in a statement.

“With these remarkable triumphs, the Philippines reinforces its position as an unparalleled destination, inviting travelers to explore our captivating shores, vibrant underwater realms, and dynamic urban landscapes as they immerse in our culture and heritage, and create unforgettable memories with the distinct grace and hospitality of the Filipino people,” she added.

Meanwhile, the World Travel Awards President and Founder Graham Cooke shared his love for the Philippines, noting the Filipino people as its “main asset.”

“The diversity, the opportunities with sustainability, the beautiful beach resorts, and now the diving [sic], amazing, the beaches, amazing. As I said, the main asset is the people, and that is something that a lot of countries in the world don't have,” Cooke said.

“And it's the people of the Philippines that make your tourism assets the most amazing. The work ethic, the happiness, the smile, and the hospitality that the Philippines have are global icons,” he added.

The annual World Travel Awards began in 1993 to recognize excellence across all the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

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