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LOOK: Inka Magnaye chosen to voice act character in 'Blue Beetle'
LOOK: Inka Magnaye chosen to voice act character in 'Blue Beetle'
LOOK: Inka Magnaye chosen to voice act character in 'Blue Beetle'
by Mhillen Nicole Borja04 August 2023
Photo courtesy: Inka Magnaye Instagram

Warner Bros. Philippines revealed talented voice and content creator Inka Magnaye as one of the voices behind a character in the much-anticipated DC film "Blue Beetle" set for Philippine release.

In a recent post on Wednesday, Warner Bros. Philippines disclosed that Magnaye will lend her voice to the scarab Khaji-da, a fascinating "ancient relic" within the movie's narrative.

Eager to share the thrilling news with her followers, Inka took to her social media platforms to make the big reveal.

"I’M IN A DC MOVIE!! I am wildly honored to announce that I will be the voice of the Scarab for the Philippine theatrical release of DC’s new movie, Blue Beetle," she ecstatically declared.

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For Inka, becoming a part of the superhero universe has been a cherished dream, and now she gets to share this momentous achievement with all her fans and supporters.

"It’s been one of my big dreams to be a canon part of a superhero world, and now I get to share this wonderful news with all of you!!" she wrote in the caption of her post.

In an exciting twist, Inka revealed that some of her lines in the film will be delivered in Tagalog, adding a touch of local flair to the character's portrayal.

She also encouraged everyone to keep an eye out for her name in the credits, a well-deserved recognition for her contribution to the project.


Blue Beetle tells the story of Jaime Reyes, an ordinary teenager whose life takes a thrilling turn when he stumbles upon the scarab, a biotechnological relic that bestows him with an exoskeleton armor, transforming him into the titular superhero.

Inka is widely recognized for her hosting skills at events and her exceptional voice talents.

She was featured in various well-known brands like Philippine Airlines, Smart, Nissin, and more.

Additionally, she hosts a popular podcast called "Sleeping Pill with In.


With her extraordinary talent and diverse portfolio, Inka Magnaye is all set to captivate audiences as the voice of Khaji-da, making her mark in the illustrious world of DC superheroes.

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