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Karen Bordador breaks silence on ‘last-minute call’ to host Seo In Guk’s fanmeet
Karen Bordador breaks silence on ‘last-minute call’ to host Seo In Guk’s fanmeet
Karen Bordador breaks silence on ‘last-minute call’ to host Seo In Guk’s fanmeet
by Daylight Abas18 August 2023
Photo courtesy: Karen Bordador Instagram

Host Karen Bordador explained her side following the sudden changes that transpired during the fan meeting of South Korean actor Seo In Guk in Manila last August 12, wherein she replaced vlogger Kristel Fulgar, who was supposed to host the event.

Earlier, Fulgar released her vlog, explaining how the ‘Korean technical director’ suddenly replaced her with a new host due to her ‘lack of energy’ during the rehearsals.

Telling her fans that she was not given a second chance to prove herself, Fulgar admitted that hosting was not part of her expertise, but it was the only gig she accepted since it was for Seo In Guk. Fans have highly anticipated the interaction between the 28-year-old actress and Seo In Guk.

Bordador, as a replacement for Fulgar, received a backlash for taking over the hosting duties.


To explain her side, the former PBB housemate shared her side of the issue and narrated everything that happened that day.

In her vlog, Bordador first explained that she had no idea that she would be hosting Seo In Guk’s fan meet in Manila, and she was surprised to know about it.

"It was actually a big challenge for me because, well, I didn't know that I was going to host it. It was such a huge surprise," she said.

She continued, "As an Aries girl, I always accept challenges."


She further explained that she usually declines hosting gigs that are set ‘a day before or on the day itself.’

"But for some reason, I don’t know, like my instinct said, go for it. And also, a lot of people really did message me to be part of this," she revealed, saying that she was told on the day itself and a few hours before the event.

She admitted that it was a huge privilege to be part of the 35-year-old actor’s fan meet-and-greet event.

With the impromptu hosting, Bordador’s manager was hesitant at first since she did not have enough time to get ready, but they took it for a fact that the Korean entertainment industry was impressed by the way she hosted before.


"I told them give me an hour and I’ll think about it. They gave me until 2:30 p.m. They asked me to come [to the venue] at 2:30 p.m. I said yes, and then I said I’m going to go," she said, sharing that she canceled all her plans for that day and had no clothes for the event, even a hair and make-up artist and assistant.

As she arrived at the venue, Bordador said that she went directly to the dressing room prior to heading on stage, and she also clarified that she had no idea that she would be replacing Fulgar despite the latter’s effort to prepare for a long time.

"I didn’t really know what transpired earlier, because that’s none of my business. The point is, they needed me that time. I just told myself, I wanna make sure my mind is going to be 100% focused on this one," she further narrated.

In the end, Bordador successfully hosted the event. She was thankful for her experiences and training with radio and hosting a talk show, which served as her strength to do the impromptu hosting.

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