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IU, G-Dragon making a comeback to K-pop scene in 2024
IU, G-Dragon making a comeback to K-pop scene in 2024
IU, G-Dragon making a comeback to K-pop scene in 2024
by Daylight Abas04 January 2024
Photo courtesy: IU, G-Dragon / Instagram

Get ready, second-generation K-pop stans! These two legendary soloists will be returning to the K-pop scene this year.

Singer-songwriter IU and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon confirmed to make a huge comeback for their fans this year.

IU, who released a special mini album “Pieces” in 2021, confirmed that she will return as a singer this year after focusing on her acting career for two years, adding that she will be dropping her first new album since her last release.

The singer-actress appeared on BTS’ Suga’s YouTube talk show titled “Suchwita” on December 26, mentioning that she will be holding her first overseas tour soon since her “Love, Poem” tour in 2019.

This month, IU is set to leave South Korea to complete her new album and mentioned on her personal YouTube channel that she already finished filming the new song’s music video with V of BTS.

On the other hand, G-Dragon officially confirmed his comeback when he founded an agency after leaving his former label, YG Entertainment.

It has been six years since the singer released a new album after his second mini album, “Kwon Ji Yong,” that was released in 2017, due to the various scandals against their group as well as his military service.

On December 21, 2023, G-Dragon’s new agency, Galaxy Corp., announced the artist’s initiative to build an anti-drug foundation—the JusPeace Foundation—and his comeback to the music scene.

In his statement, GD assured that he would make a comeback to fulfill his responsibilities as an artist.

In 2017, G-Dragon and IU made a collaboration for the latter’s fourth studio album, “Palette.”

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