Innotech Director Briones receives World Class Superhero award
Innotech Director Briones receives World Class Superhero award
Innotech Director Briones receives World Class Superhero award
by DZRH News Digital08 November 2023
SEAMEO INNOTECH Center Director Prof. Leonor Magtolis-Briones at the prestigious World Class Superheroes Awards.

Manila, Philippines — SEAMEO INNOTECH Center Director Prof. Leonor Magtolis-Briones, along with other distinguished leaders around the country, were honored at the prestigious World Class Superheroes Awards.

Briones personally received the ‘World Class Superhero’ award at the sidelines of the Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI) World Summit recently held at the Diamond Hotel.

The award was given to Briones in recognition of her achievements and exemplary dedication to leadership excellence in education, government and civil society.

Earlier, Briones also took the stage at the grand opening of the LOANI World Summit, wherein she discussed the significant contributions of ‘Women in Technology.’


In her plenary speech, Briones recognized the resilience of Filipino women, stating, “Filipino woman has faced so many challenges which accounts for her success. There is nothing that she cannot do.” She highlighted the pivotal role of women in positions of power and drew attention to INNOTECH’s example, where she leads as the Center Director, accompanied by Deputy Center Director Kochakorn Khattapan Acidre, a highly accomplished woman in her own right.

Briones also emphasized the significant contributions of women within the Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology. She highlighted the numerous educational and technology-based services that have been provided to its primarily female stakeholders.

“More than half of our workforce is carried on, implemented, and thought of by women. From 2006 to 2023, we have trained more than 146,000 educators in Southeast Asia, because we are servicing not only the Philippines but the whole region,” Briones said in her speech.

Excelling in diverse sectors, the former Education Secretary spent much of her career as an educator. Briones is a professor emeritus in public administration at the University of the Philippines. She also served as secretary of the Commission on Audit, National Treasurer of the Philippines, and as Lead Convenor of Social Watch Philippines.


The LOANI World Summit, held from October 16-24, marks a historic occasion for Asia by bringing together global leaders, entrepreneurs, community champions, and activists from over 50 countries. Under the theme, “All Means All,” the event aims to foster unity, empowerment, and positive change, which aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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