Hontiveros urges gov’t to pay World War II comfort women
Hontiveros urges gov’t to pay World War II comfort women
Hontiveros urges gov’t to pay World War II comfort women
by Ellicia Del Mundo14 March 2023
Filipino "comfort women" survivors hold placards demanding for an apology as well as compensation from Japan for their treatment of women forced to be comfort workers during the war, during a protest in front of the Japanese embassy in Manila August 14, 2015. Photo courtesy: REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Senator Risa Hontiveros on Monday filed a resolution that urges the national government to "fulfill its treaty obligations" and "provide just and meaningful reparations" for Filipino who served as comfort women during World War II.

In Senate Resolution No. 539, Hontiveros said the government is obligated to pay the reparations as part of its adherance to the 1956 treaty signed by the Philippines and Japan.

"The advances made by the Philippines to address gender inequality and sexual violence in contemporary times only highlight the inexcusable failure to fight for victims of wartime sexual violence," she said.

The senator pointed out that there isn't much time left to offer compensation to survivors because so many of them have already passed away and so few are now in their senior years.


Last week, the United Nations (UN) Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) said the Philippine government had breached its obligations under the Convention by failing to provide comfort women the reparation, social support, and recognition commensurate with the harm suffered.

This finding was released after the committee examined the complaint filed by the members of Malaya Lolas or Free Grandmothers, a non-profit organization that supports sexual slavery survivors.

In the appeal, Natalia Alonzo and 23 other victims stated that the government had been rejecting their demand for compensation and their right to reparations against the Government of Japan.

Following the UN's decision, Malacañang issued a statement saying that the Philippine government will review UN findings.

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