Hontiveros warns KJC members: ‘Don’t deceive Senate’
Hontiveros warns KJC members: ‘Don’t deceive Senate’
Hontiveros warns KJC members: ‘Don’t deceive Senate’
by Daylight Abas15 February 2024
Photo courtesy: Senate of the Philippines

Members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) received a warning from Senator Risa Hontiveros on Thursday for allegedly making ways to ruin the Senate’s investigation into religious leader Apollo Quiboloy’s alleged hideous crimes.

During the Kapihan sa Senado forum, Hontiveros revealed that there were KJC members who had been commanded to contact her office and pretend to be sole witnesses to the abuses committed by Quiboloy. However, it turned out that they were only trying to deceive the Senate and make it look pointless.

The opposition senator emphasized that they cannot fool the Senate, asking if Quiboloy ordered them to do such an act.

She also disclosed that the witnesses hiding their aliases Amanda and Jerom were mobbed online and accused of lying to testifying against Quiboloy, in which their identities have been exposed and put their lives at risk.


Meanwhile, the Senate investigation against Quiboloy and his organization’s alleged crimes was headed by Hontiveros, and the inquiry was prompted by the senator’s Senate Resolution No. 884 and her privilege speech regarding the issue.

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