Solon proposes heartbreak leave for private, public employees
Solon proposes heartbreak leave for private, public employees
Solon proposes heartbreak leave for private, public employees
by Ellicia Del Mundo16 February 2024
Photo courtesy: Canva & Cong. Lordan Suan

A House lawmaker has filed a bill that seeks to grant leave to employees in the private and public sectors who are experiencing emotional distress due to romantic breakup.

Under House Bill 9931 released Thursday, February 15, Cagayan de Oro City 1st District. Rep. Lordan Suan proposed that employees who are under 25 years old shall be entitled to one day of unpaid heartbreak leave per calendar year.

Two days unpaid leave shall be granted to employees under 25 and 35 years old, and three days unpaid leave for 36 years old and above.

An employee filing for the heartbreak leave must provide notice two days in advance "unless exigent circumstances prevent such notice."


"Employees on heartbreak leave shall continue to be eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance benefits if they meet the applicable requirements," he said.

According to the lawmaker, the proposed heartbreak leave is beneficial as this "promotes emotional well-being, improves workplace performance, and reduces employee turnover."

"Unprocessed emotional distress can negatively impact productivity, employee morale, and workplace health," he noted.

Once enacted, Suan said the labor department, the civil service commission, and mental health professionals shall promulgate the necessary rules and regulations of the act.


The two agencies shall also "develop and disseminate evidence-based resources on navigating heartbreak and emotional well-being to government offices, employers and employees" and create a program "to support the development and implementation of confidential emotional support programs within workplaces."

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