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Global boy group Hori7on wins big in 8th PPOP Awards 2023
Global boy group Hori7on wins big in 8th PPOP Awards 2023
Global boy group Hori7on wins big in 8th PPOP Awards 2023
by Rita Salonga04 December 2023
Photo: MLD Entertainment

The boys of HORI7ON received the Global Artist of the Year award in the 8th PPOP AWARDS 2023 that was held last November 30 at the Rizal Park Open Air Auditorium, Philippines.

PPOP AWARDS 2023 is one of the biggest music awards show in the Philippines. HORI7ON shared shoulder to shoulder with the most prominent Filipino artists SB19 and 4TH IMPACT as they achieved the feat of winning the Global Artist of the Year award.

In just four months since making their debut, HORI7ON not only won the Global Artist Award, but were also nominated for a total of three categories including the Philippine New Boy Group and Philippine Pop Song of the Year categories, showing their explosive popularity in the Philippines.

As HORI7ON makes their step as a world pop artist, they also attended the Virtual Pre-Show Live held by the CETV Philippine Channel that was done live, making the fan anticipate even more. Meanwhile, HORI7ON has been actively promoting in Korea and the Philippines, continuing their interaction with the ANCHORs (official fandom name).


HORI7ON has successfully made their debut with their first full album “Friend-SHIP” in July this year. They have announced as well that they are busy with preparations for their comeback good luck song that will be full of positive energy and that is set for January 2024.

Before their comeback, HORI7ON is set to attend the “2023 AAA” that will be held in the Philippine Arena this coming 14th.

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