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Gigi De Lana falls victim to scammers after car accident
Gigi De Lana falls victim to scammers after car accident
Gigi De Lana falls victim to scammers after car accident
by Mhillen Nicole Borja22 June 2023
Photo Courtesy: Gigi De Lana

Filipina singer Gigi De Lana recently disclosed that she fell prey to fraudsters who seized the funds intended for her mother's medical expenses following her unfortunate car accident in May.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the singer opened up about her ordeal while sharing snapshots captured shortly after the La Union accident involving her and her band.

De Lana chose to share these images in response to those who had accused her of seeking sympathy following the incident.

"Please be kind. Simula ng naaksidente kami from car accident. ang dami na nang scam sakin," she expressed.


"Ninakawan ako sa BDO kinuha lahat ng laman. Na pang medical bills sana yun ni mama. Kaso wala kayo awa," she added.

De Lana's mother has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, further compounding the family's distress.

Recalling the shocking encounter with the individual who deceived her, De Lana recounted the conversation held over the phone during which the person even wished her a speedy recovery.


"Sinabihan pa ako sa phone call ng 'get well soon po kay maam gigi' tapos after nun ninakawan na ako ng tuloy tuloy hanggang sa maubos laman. Grabe kayo. Di na kayo naawa.," she stated.

"Please wag kayo mang scam or mag nakaw," she pleaded.

De Lana had previously publicized her mother's condition earlier this year when she decided to cut her hair short as a gesture of support while her mother underwent chemotherapy.

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