G-Dragon tests negative amid illegal drug use allegation
G-Dragon tests negative amid illegal drug use allegation
G-Dragon tests negative amid illegal drug use allegation
by Daylight Abas07 November 2023
Photo courtesy: allkpop

BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon has tested negative in a simplified drug test after being accused of illegal drug use.

The K-pop idol personally appeared at the Incheon Nonhyun Police Station for the preliminary investigation on November 6 and spoke to the media after the first round of questioning.

G-Dragon visited the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Unit of the Regional Investigation Department and completed the four-hour investigation.

Responding to the inquiries from the media, the 35-year-old rapper said that he requested the police conduct a proper test, saying that he would like the investigative forces to announce the results swiftly and accurately.

Kwon Ji Yong, his real name, underwent reagent testing and cooperated with the submission of urine samples for investigation.

He added that there was no evidence about the allegation of drug abuse, believing that the investigation was unreasonable and that the police were not personally after him as they were only doing their best based on a statement made by someone.

Moreover, G-Dragon said that it is also part of his job to deny or prove that the accusations are baseless.

On October 30, the singer expressed that he would voluntarily cooperate in the investigation through his lawyer and cleared his name of involvement of illegal drug use.

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