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G-Dragon’s exclusive has expired, his label confirms
G-Dragon’s exclusive has expired, his label confirms
G-Dragon’s exclusive has expired, his label confirms
by Daylight Abas06 June 2023
Photo courtesy: G-DRAGON

YG Entertainment has responded to past rumors about Big Bang's G-Dragon with an updated position.

While YG Entertainment initially stated on June 5 that G-Dragon's name was missing from the agency's artist roster due to a "system error," new media source reports on June 6 revealed that the Big Bang member's exclusive contract with YG has now expired.

One of YGE’s representatives confirmed the expiration of the artist’s contract, explaining that they are already tackling possible options that include partial contracts for his activities in areas like advertising.

It added that the agency plans to negotiate a new contract with G-Dragon and will offer him full support if he wishes to resume his promotions as a musician.


According to the rep's statement, YG Entertainment does not expect G-Dragon to "leave" his debut agency to pursue other options; rather, the artist's exclusive contract renewal is contingent on his plans to restart music activities.

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