France makes abortion a constitutional right – reports
France makes abortion a constitutional right – reports
France makes abortion a constitutional right – reports
by Ada Pelonia05 March 2024
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The French parliament on Monday, March 4, approved a bill to make abortion a constitutional right, marking a historic event for being the first country to enshrine abortion rights in its constitution.

In a BBC report, the parliamentarians revised France’s 1958 constitution which resulted in a 780-72 vote out of 925 Members of Parliament (MP) and senators. The inclusion of abortion rights is France’s 25th amendment to the constitution.

President Emmanuel Macron called it the "French pride" that sent a "universal message.” The Eiffel Tower was lit up after the vote, with the message: “My Body My Choice.”

“We are haunted by the suffering and memory of so many women who were not free. We owe a moral debt [to all the women who] suffered in their flesh. Today, the present must respond to history,” Prime Minister Gabriel Attal told parliament.

“To enshrine this right in our constitution is to close the door on the tragedy of the past and its trail of suffering and pain. It will further prevent reactionaries from attacking women [...] I say to all women within our borders and beyond, that today, the era of a world of hope begins,” he added.

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