Floating library Duolos Hope to sail in PHL
Floating library Duolos Hope to sail in PHL
Floating library Duolos Hope to sail in PHL
by Ada Pelonia28 February 2024
Photo courtesy of Doulos Hope (The Philippines)/Facebook

Bookworms unite!

The renowned floating library Duolos Hope is set to sail in the Philippine waters with a book fair.

In a Facebook post, Duolos Hope announced that it will sail the country on these respective dates, inviting bookworms to join its journey:

  • San Fernando, La Union: March 7 to 24, 2024

  • Manila: March 28 to April 13, 2024

  • Batangas City: April 16 to April 28, 2024

The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority chair Eduardo Aliño earlier expressed “being immersed into a sea of literature” upon boarding the MV Duolos Hope when it docked in Subic.

“Not everyone is fortunate to experience the surreal feeling of being immersed into a sea of literature that suits everyone. As I took my first step aboard MV Doulos Hope, I immediately felt that warm sense of belonging,” Aliño said in a statement.

The MV Duolos Hope becomes the latest addition to the Gute Bücher für Alle or Good Books for All organization’s ships.

The ship ended its cruise journey in Singapore in 2009 and was turned into a luxury hotel in Indonesia before being repurposed into a floating library in 2022.

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