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Fifty Fifty to start anew with new members
Fifty Fifty to start anew with new members
Fifty Fifty to start anew with new members
by Daylight Abas08 February 2024

K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty will be starting fresh with new members who will join Keena in June, as announced by its agency, Attrakt.

According to the agency that represents the K-pop girl group, there has been reorganization happening, and the lineup will be officially confirmed in April.

On February 3, Attrakt held an open audition in Singapore to recruit new members, in which around 120 hopefuls, aged 14 years old, took part.

Moreover, the open auditions will continue in Korea and Japan, and the final audition will happen on March 2 in Thailand.


Fifty Fifty debuted on November 22 with members Kena, Aran, Sio, and Saena, who were the voices behind the hit song "Cupid,” which entered Billboard’s annual Hot 100 Songs Chart in November last year.

However, members Aran, Si, and Saena left the group after Attrakt terminated their exclusive contracts after a legal fight over contract disputes.

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