EXO's Baekhyun to launch his own company; addresses other rumors
EXO's Baekhyun to launch his own company; addresses other rumors
EXO's Baekhyun to launch his own company; addresses other rumors
by Christhel Cuazon08 August 2023
Photo courtesy: EXO Official Twitter

Baekhyun of the K-pop boy group EXO revealed his plans of setting up his own agency.

During an Instagram Live on Monday, the 31-year-old singer-actor addressed several rumors, including his newfound agency, One Signature.

“It’s a company I started with my friend Kasper at the thought of wanted to grow many good choreographers and dancers. It has yet to be made concrete, but I am researching a lot and trying different things to make good results with good purpose," Baekhyun shared as translated by Korean media outlet Soompi.

"The company will come out with a different name that is not One Signature."


Baekhyun likewise assured fans that he will be staying with EXO and their company SM Entertainment, adding that he is venturing into opening a company for the betterment of his career as a producer and artist.

"I will manage my company, but will stay with SM and will continue to promote with EXO members. I will establish my own company and if I don't become complacent and am able to produce satisfying results, then I shouldn't be satisfied (but work harder)," he continued.

The idol also opened up about his ongoing dispute with SM Entertainment regarding his exclusive contract.

“Honestly, I was always curious about settlement and contract-related matters for a long time. In the midst of that, we were faced with various situations due to Lee Soo Man’s absence, and I think that made me more curious," he opened up.


"I got the thought that I wanted to personally check myself because during the two years I was serving in the military, I worked hard on vocal lessons, gave a lot of opinions after my military service ended on how we can release an album for our fans who waited two years, and I took personal time to myself, so what happened then was like a bolt from the blue," he continued.

Earlier in June, Baekhyun together with fellow members Chen and Xiumin moved to terminate their exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. They later filed complaints against their label over their "slave contracts."

In a joint statement released last June 19, the company and the EXO-CBX members said they have successfully addressed the misunderstandings that led to their conflicts and have come to a mutually agreeable resolution, emphasizing their commitment to moving forward and actively expanding their endeavors together.

Towards the end of his Live, Baekhyun expressed his concern for their fans, EXOLs, as well as his members, saying he didn't want to cause any harm to them. He vowed that he will continue to put in the effort and bring only good news to them.


EXO has successfully made their comeback after two years with their 7th Regular album "EXIST" on July 10.

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