Three more casts of Encantadia spin-off “Sang’gre” revealed
Three more casts of Encantadia spin-off “Sang’gre” revealed
Three more casts of Encantadia spin-off “Sang’gre” revealed
by Daylight Abas29 October 2023
Photo courtesy: Bianca Umali, faith Da Silva, Angel Guardian, Kelvin Miranda / Instagram

Three more cast members who will be joining Bianca Umali as new Sang’gres in the upcoming “Encantadia” spin-off series were revealed.

Based on the series’ official Instagram post on Friday, Kelvin Miranda, Angel Guardian, and Faith Da Silva will join Umali, completing the portrayal of the Sang’gres.

The new keeper of “brilyante ng hangin” will now be Guardian, who will play the character of Deia. The said role was previously held by Sang’gre Amihan, portrayed by Iza Calzado in 2005 and Kylie Padilla in 2016.

Moreover, Da Silva’s character will be Flamarra, the keeper of “brilyante ng apoy,” who is also the daughter of Sang’gre Hara Pirena, which was previously acted by Sunshine Dizon in the original series and Glaiza De Castro in the remake.

As it is new to the viewers to have a male Sang’gre, Miranda will play the role of Adamus, who is the son of Sang’gre Alena, which was Karylle’s character in 2005, and Gabbi Garcia in 2016, who is the new keeper of “brilyante ng tubig."

Umali earlier confirmed that she will play the role of Terra, the keeper of “brilyante ng lupa,” which was previously the role of Diana Zubiri in the original fanta-serye and Sanya Lopez in the 2016 remake.

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More details on the upcoming TV series will be revealed soon.

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