DOH yet to detect new cases of Nipah virus in PH
DOH yet to detect new cases of Nipah virus in PH
DOH yet to detect new cases of Nipah virus in PH
by Ellicia Del Mundo24 September 2023
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The Department of Health (DOH) reported that it has yet to detect new cases of Henipavirus infection or Nipah virus in the country.

In a statement issued on September 22, the DOH said there are no new cases since the Nipah virus was first tracked in the Municipality of Sultan Kudarat in Mindanao back in 2014.

“No similar health events or suspect cases have been reported to the Epidemiology Bureau,” it added.

According to the health department, the virus can be transmitted to humans after "exposure to horses and/or [their] meat."

The DOH made the assurance following the reported outbreak of the Nipah virus in the southern state of Kerala in India.

According to a Reuters report published last September 19, the virus killed two Kerala residents earlier this month.

About 700 people undergone medical tests after the reported deaths.

The international media outlet said several schools, offices, and public transportations in Kerala were prompted to temporarily shut down.

Citing information from the the World Health Organization (WHO), Reuters said those who are infected with the Nipah virus may develop symptoms like "fever, respiratory distress, headaches, and vomiting."

“Encephalitis and seizures can also occur in severe cases, leading to coma,” it added.

Reuters said a person can be infected with the virus after he or she had direct contact “with the bodily fluids of infected bats and pigs”

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