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DFA reaffirms previous advisory on situation in Israel
DFA reaffirms previous advisory on situation in Israel
DFA reaffirms previous advisory on situation in Israel
by Karen Ow-Yong17 April 2024
Photo courtesy of Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

MANILA – The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is reaffirming the previous declaration of Alert Level 2 by the Philippine Government for the State of Israel, restricting further deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) there.

In a statement released by DFA, it mentions the recommendation of the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv for all Filipinos planning to travel to Israel to postpone their travel plans indefinitely if it not necessary.

The reiteration continues by saying that if travel if absolutely necessary, Filipinos are advised to follow all precautions.

Further to this, the DFA is advising all Filipinos in the region “to be alert and updated with the security pronouncements of their host governments.”


“For contingency planning purposes, all Filipinos are likewise encouraged to coordinate with their overseas community leaders and our Philippine Embassies/Consulates,” DFA added.

According to media reports, last Saturday and early Sunday, Iran let loose a bombardment of missiles and drones targeting Israel in retaliation for the suspected Israeli strike on its consulate in Damascus last April 1, killing 13 people.

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