Chinese embassy stresses cooperation amid reports of buoys removal
Chinese embassy stresses cooperation amid reports of buoys removal
Chinese embassy stresses cooperation amid reports of buoys removal
by Mhillen Nicole Borja06 June 2023
Photo Courtesy: Philippine Coast Guard

In response to recent reports claiming that Chinese fishermen removed buoys placed by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in the West Philippine Sea, a representative from the Chinese Embassy in Manila emphasized the importance of cooperation and mutual understanding.

Chinese Embassy Counselor Ji Lingpeng highlighted that the maritime dispute should not overshadow the bilateral relations between Beijing and Manila, highlighting the continued strength of economic ties between the two nations.

During President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s visit to Beijing in January, both he and Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the significance of diplomacy in resolving issues related to the South China Sea.

“President Xi Jinping and he [Marcos] has reached a consensus to settle the maritime problems in a friendlier way with consultations and exchanges. The South China Sea issue is only a very small part of our bilateral relations. We have a lot of cooperation to enhance,” Counselor Ji reiterated.


Regarding the PCG's denial of the reports on the removal of buoys, Ji responded cautiously to media inquiries about a potential new statement from the Chinese embassy, acknowledging the sensitivity of the topic.

He emphasized the need for mutual understanding and a focus on maintaining positive relations between the two nations.

“I don’t think there’s any problems right now, but we should focus on mutual understanding," he added.

The Philippines has earlier placed navigational buoys within its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) to assert sovereignty over the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

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