China's fishing ban in WPS an "empty threat" — PCG spox
China's fishing ban in WPS an "empty threat" — PCG spox
China's fishing ban in WPS an "empty threat" — PCG spox
by Mary Antalan29 May 2024

China's fishing ban against Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea is an empty threat, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) spokesperson Commodore Jay Tarriela said on Wednesday, May 29.

In an exclusive interview during DZRH Dos Por Dos, Tarriela said the Philippine government does not recognize the fishing ban imposed by China, which is set to rule on June 15.

"Hindi kinikilala ng ating gobyerno ang fishing ban na inilabas ng China. It poses within our EEZ at tayo ay may sovereign rights over these waters. Wala silang authority na magbigay ng ban," said Tarriela.

"Naniniwala tayo na this is an empty threat. It's just a way for China to discourage other civil society movements na magkaroon ng paglalayag ulit sa WPS," he noted.


Tarriela stressed that even though the Chinese Coast Guard Law was enacted in 2021, which includes prohibiting weapons, law enforcement, and demolishing barriers in its self-proclaimed 9-dash line, none of them were properly implemented.

Atin Ito's coalition, the civilian convoy that recently conducted a resupply mission at Panatag Shoal, according to Tarriela, was a threat to China, which made them come up with their current idea.

"Yung Atin Ito Convoy ay naging sakit sa ulo nila ito; they even need to deploy 10 CCG vessels and numerous militia vessels," said Tarriela.

"They [China] need to come up with something to discourage not just Filipinos but other Southeast Asian countries na maglunsad ng ganitong civil society movement."


China's fishing ban will cover 12° up north, which includes Bajo de Masinloc, a part of the Philippines' exclusive economic zone.

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