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BTS’ J-hope drops ‘HOPE ON THE STREET' teaser
BTS’ J-hope drops ‘HOPE ON THE STREET' teaser
BTS’ J-hope drops ‘HOPE ON THE STREET' teaser
by Ada Pelonia29 February 2024
Screengrab from BANGTANTV/YouTube

BTS’ J-hope revealed on Thursday, February 28, the teaser for his documentary series “HOPE ON THE STREET.”

“In 2024, j-hope of BTS begins a new journey in his 12th year, returning to his dancer roots,” the YouTube caption read.

The one-minute teaser follows a montage of J-hope’s dancing—from when he would dance in practice rooms to touring the world and showing the people how dance changed his life.

“I started out with dancing so I wanted to look back on my dancing,” he said. “I looked back on my life one more time. In the end, I found the answer in singing and dancing.”

“I think the most important thing is learning. The energy you get by being together not only in dance but in life too. It’s all a process of learning different things,” he added.

J-hope earlier told Jay Park in an interview how much he loved dancing.

“I loved dance so much that I’d be practicing at dawn, coming home late,” he said.

“HOPE ON THE STREET” is set to premiere globally on March 28 with the special album “HOPE ON THE STREET VOL. 1” to be released the next day.

Watch the teaser below.

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