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PBBM on his SONA: ‘It was lacking’
PBBM on his SONA: ‘It was lacking’
PBBM on his SONA: ‘It was lacking’
by Mary Antalan25 July 2023

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said his address was not enough and that he would have preferred to go into more detail on other matters, the president said on Tuesday, July 25, a day after his second State of the Nation Address (SONA).

In a Tuesday news release from the Palace, the President did not, however, clarify what else he wished to report in his second SONA.

“Kulang pa (It was lacking),” Marcos said.

“There was so much to go through, but I think we got most in,” he added.


Following the SONA on Monday, when he discussed his administration's accomplishments during its first year in office as well as its plans for the economy, health, and agriculture, among other things, Marcos announced that there would still be post-Sona interviews with his Cabinet Secretaries.

These interviews are expected to go into greater detail about the points he made during his SONA.

Marcos also urged MPs to give the New Government Procurement Law and the Amendment of the Anti-Agricultural Smuggling Act top priority during the SONA.

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